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46 South Street, Epsom

1983/5 p2


46 South Street, Epsom

As with many buildings in the lower end of South Street, No. 29 is currently undergoing complete renovation. Members will know of the building as Stebbings the Newsagents. It is a small ‘two up – two down’ timber framed structure with distinctive horizontal clapboarding on all sides. Apparent in the structure are many older reused timbers and, during recent observation of the renovation works which will extend the structure as an office to the rear, the initials ‘F.W.’ and the date 1771 were seen carved about four feet up on one of the boards at the rear. It is most likely that this board was part of the original structure and gives us a very clear date for the building. It is most unusual to find a date such as this, and it was only by the most good fortune that the board was noticed.


Steve Nelson


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