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A note on 9 High Street, Ewell

1991/2 p2


A note on 9 High Street, Ewell


During the storm of January 1990, the tile roofs of 9 High Street, Ewell, were damaged, and while these were being repaired the writer was permitted to go up the scaffolding to look at the roof structures. Broadly speaking the roofs are in three parts; a range parallel to the street, one at right angles to the other at the left hand end, and another ‘infilling’ the angle created by the other two. Both the former roofs have queen strut trusses with clasped side purlins, neither have any sign of smoke blackening and, from the general proportions of the structures below these roofs, it is thought that they have always covered two storey accommodation. The third roof is of later date but covers rooms ceiled at a lower level than that just considered. From the quick inspection it appeared that the roof over this area may have been raised and if this is the case it could be that the wall frames of an older building remain in this area. This would be unusual, as it is usually the roofs of a building that are the least changed part of the structure. In the shop, which is under the left hand range, the ceiling joists are chamfered with pyramid stops at the ends which, when considered with the roof construction, could indicate an early seventeenth century date for this part. It is hoped that a full survey of this important building will be possible at a future date so that its full structural development can be identified. The writer is grateful to Mr. Booth for allowing access to the roof of this interesting building.


Ian West

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