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Epsom & Ewell History

& Archaeology Society

EEHAS Publications

Occasional Papers


15 Ewell Public Houses in History

16 19th century boys at School

17 Outline of the History of Ewell

19 City Posts

21 Ewell Village Shops

22 Philip Shearman Miscellany

23 A History of Bourne Hall

24 The Pre-Raphaelites in Ewell

25  The Lost Farms of Ewell

26  Epsom and Ewell in Parliament

27  A Brief History of Cuddington

28  The Administration of Justice in Epsom and Ewell

29  Murder and Witchcraft in 17th Century Ewell

30  The Epsom Vestry

31  The Unhealthy State of Epsom  in 1849

32  The Taxman Cometh to Epsom and Ewell

33  Victorian Ewell Revealed through the Census

34  The River Hogsmill

35  The Listed Buildings and Ancient Monuments of Epsom and Ewell

36  Ice House in the Grounds of the Former Convent of the Sacred Hearts, Epsom      

37  Waterloo House:  The Epsom Spa Assembly Rooms

38  Victorian Epsom Revealed Through the Census

39  Probate Inventories for Epsom and Ewell from 1561 to 1834

40  Medieval Ewell in Fitznells Cartulary and the 1408 Register

41  The Public Houses of Epsom Past and Present

42  Epsom and Ewell in Historic Maps of Surrey

43  Ewell Wills of the 16th – 20th Centuries

44  The Enclosure of Ewell in 1803

45  Ewell Pauper Examinations 1617 – 1815

46  The Bells of St. Mary the Virgin, Ewell

47  Frederick Prince of Wales in Epsom

48  Ewell in 1577

49  Vicars and Vicarages of Ewell

50  A History of Ewell in Occasional Papers

51  People of Ewell

52  The Epsom Manorial Surveys

53  The Epsom Tithe Award of 1842 and the Inclosure Award of 1869

54  The Old Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Ewell

55  Food and Drink in Roman Ewell

56  The Star, 31 High Street, Ewell: Draft report on the historic structure

57 Historic Survey of Woodcote Green House  

58  Wartime in a Surrey Town: Epsom 1914-1918  


Special Papers

1 Excavations at the Roman Settlement in Ewell, Surrey: St. Mary's Churchyard 1974-5

                                                                                    published 2015  Frank Pemberton

Other Publications


Nonsuch Palace by Martin Biddle ©


Following Roman Stane Street on foot through Epsom and Ewell by Philip Pavey ©


The publications listed below can be bought at th monthly EEHAS meeting or at The Friends of Bourne Hall Museum Shop, Spring Street, Ewell.  



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