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Papers of the Documentary Group




The Documentary Group of EEHAS was active from 1968 until 2009, when its papers were transferred to Bourne Hall Museum. A full catalogue (enclosed) has been prepared setting out the value of this material for local history.


The papers come under five main categories. These are:


 1.  Schedules of the Gadesden and Northey family estate papers.

 2. Transcripts of original documents from record offices.

 3. Original records made from local monuments and people.

 4. Thematic studies in local history.

 5. Short notes on people and places.


It is proposed to retain the papers in the Museum, where they will be accessible to researchers. The schedules, transcripts and original records will be retained as a separate collection. The thematic studies and short notes will be incorporated in the Museum files. Where possible, material will be digitised to promote access and indexing. All material will be clearly identified as the work of the Documentary Group.



Click to access the Report of the Papers of the Documentary Group of Epsom & Ewell History & Archaeology Society


Epsom & Ewell History

& Archaeology Society






For fifty years, EEHAS has been copying and studying key documents of local history. Now we have been able to make these available online in partnership with the Epsom & Ewell Local & Family History Centre. On their site, you can find the following studies:




The Graveyard Monuments of St. Martin’s Church, Epsom, with the Congregational Church and Bugby Chapel. Originally recorded in 1963 by Martin Morris and a team of helpers, these monuments trace Epsom’s inhabitants from the days of the Spa town to the Victorian age.




Copyholds of Ewell. A unique resource for tracing house history, the manorial rolls of Ewell survive from 1595 onwards. Painstaking work by the Documentary Group of EEHAS made it possible to trace the occupants of 90 properties from Tudor times to the present day.




Tudor Rentals. Three invaluable documents set out the life of the district in the age of Nonsuch Palace. The first two were were recorded for Epsom and Ewell in 1549, when both manors were in the hands of the Crown, and they are rich in field-names and details of local yeomen. The third is a comprehensive survey of Ewell made by the surveyor Thomas Taylor in 1577. Following in his footsteps, you can trace the streets of Ewell village and the roads and fields of the surrounding countryside as they were in Queen Elizabeth’s days.




West Street School Logbook. The life of Victorian country schoolboys, with its work, play, mischief and  achievements, is chronicled from 1862 to 1898 in this revealing logbook kept by a series of headmasters.



Epsom and Ewell Heritage Online

Online Heritage


Catalogue of EEHAS Newsletters 1962 - 2012


A catalogue of articles included in EEHAS newsletters between 1962 - 2012 has been compiled by Barbara Abdy. This catalogue will enable you to check which newsletter contains an area of interest to you. A full set of newsletters is lodged at Bourne Hall Museum for public access.




For articles from the Newsletter archive look under EEHAS papers/ newsletter archive

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