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Clay roof tiles in the Epsom and Ewell area

1990/4 pp2–3


Clay roof tiles in the Epsom and Ewell area


Black glazed pantiles were produced from the late eighteenth century and through the early years of the nineteenth century. They are often associated with Norfolk and the coastal areas of Kent and Sussex although they are by no means confined to these areas.


Recent examination of the contents of a builder’s skip at the Durdans in Epsom, revealed broken sections of black glazed pantiles similar to quantities that were found stacked in the ice house at Pitt Place when the society recorded it some years ago. At 5–5a Cheam Road, Ewell, the front roofs at the south end were covered in blue-black pantiles and are the only tiles of this type known on a building in this area – or are they? Perhaps members would let Ian West know if any other buildings have or had this kind of roof times on them, that is pantiles glazed black as opposed to ordinary types that have suffered some form of painting (tar) to ‘improve’ them.


Ian West



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