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Epsom Railways

1981/2 p2


Epsom railways


A Mr. McCann of 115 Elmstead Gardens, Worcester Park, has written to the Society asking whether any member may have any information on railway siding lines in the East Street/Church Road area. He writes, ‘The Railway Clearing House Handbook (1904) lists two private sidings: Hall & Co.’s and Stone & Co.’s Brick Works. On a plan of Epsom Town Station (1913) Nonsuch Brick Works is noted between Lemons Lane (now Church Road) and Windmill Lane. A siding appears to run from the station (LB &SC) northwards to this brickworks: it would also appear to have been there in 1875’. There is a suggestion that an aerial ropeway (?) crossed East Street somewhere in the vicinity of Kiln Lane. Mr. McCann would be very grateful for any further details on this that anyone may have.

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