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Extracts from the Parish Magazine of St. Mary’s Church, Ewell

1975/6 p4



JANUARY 1893 ‘By the kindness of the present holders of the allotted seats, it has been found possible to make the Church free and open at Evening Services. There are things of more value than money to draw classes together, and the sacrifice of personal comfort and convenience is undoubtedly one of them. Anything that will attract the labouring classes to Church, and make them feel at home there, is well worth some sacrifice. It is hoped to thoroughly clean the walls and provide better light and ventilation in the present year’.


MARCH 1893 ‘Offer by Sir Gervas Glyn to ornament the Reredos with the subject of the Last Supper, done in Powell’s glass mosaics, and that of the Vicar and Mrs. Thornton to provide new Communion rails and to pave the space within them with marble tiles, were considered and accepted. Also decided to remove the four memorial brasses now lying in the floor of the Chancel, now sadly defaced. New brass tablet to Dr. George Robinson Barnes MD, for 25 years resident in the parish of Ewell. He entered into rest, August 25th 1892. Erected by his fellow parishioners as a mark of esteem’.


MAY 1893 ‘Reredos etc. completed’.


SEPTEMBER 1893 ‘Side panels of four Evangelists installed. Floor of sanctuary and chancel laid with marble squares and mosaics, new altar rail and sedilia or seat for the clergy within the sanctuary, all of oak’.


FEBRUARY 1898 ‘New pulpit presented by Mr. and Mrs. Martin. Old pulpit accepted by the Rev. Henry Watts, Vicar of St. Oswald’s, Fulham’.


JUNE 26th 1899 ‘52nd anniversary of laying of Foundation Stone of Church. New boiler installed’.









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