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Newsletters are published bi-monthly and are available to members in a B&W paper format


Epsom & Ewell History

& Archaeology Society


Newsletter February 2013




The Brasses of St. Mary’s


Church Meadow Excavation - November Exhibition


Excavation from a Finds Perspective


Artefact of the Month - Hod Hill brooch


Broken Pots - a story


Queen Anne House


Recent Talks

  • Views of Ewell in oldpostcards, and Downs House

  • SyAS Autumn Conference

  • Steamy Jungles and Mayan Ruins

Newsletter April 2013




The wrought iron gates in Madan’s Walk


Conservation and Archaeological

Watching Brief


Recent talks

  • Firebacks - Jeremy Hodgkinson

  • Thanet: Gateway to Roman Britain - Jon Cotton


Artefact of the Month - a 12th century       silver terminal

A Museum of Prehistory, a Prehistory of the Museum


The Lost Prince and the Lost Palace


Did Alfred come to Epsom?


31 High Street, Ewell


+ Minutes of AGM held March 2013

Newsletter June 2013




April meeting : Bee-keeping


The Glyn Hall, Ewell                            


Artefact of the Month:                                         Harness Mount


John Marshall obituary


Emily  Davison: 100th Anniversary of the Death of a Suffragette at the Epsom Derby


Chile and Easter Island


Chinese Gentlemen and Wonky Windmills: The Delftware Tiles of Epsom and Ewell                    


Newsletter September 2013




Recent talks

  • Church Meadow 2012

  • Nonsuch Palace

  • A brief visit to New England  

  • Pompeii 2013

  • Khmer Temples


Artefact of the Month - Spring St cannon


Mary Rose Exhibition


Faversham Visit


Epsom Clock Tower


Church Meadow 2013


Nonsuch Palace model

Newsletter November 2013




Recent talks

  • Time Cheam Project

  • Rudyard Kipling: his life and remarkable story


Ewell Gunpowder Mills


Lost Roads - an early attempt at an Epsom and Ewell bypass


80 High Street, Epsom


A Poor Poem of Epsom


Conservation Round-Up



Newsletter February 2014




Recent talks

  • Carshalton Water Tower

  • Christmas Party


Church Meadow Excavations


Horton Chapel


Ewell Court House


Obituary Frank Greenaway


Annual Report 2013


AGM Notice March 2014


Newsletter April 2014




Recent Talks

  • Prehistoric Malta

  • The Holy Land

  • 25 years of Archaeology in London


Obituary of Charles Abdy


Epsom’s East End, Occasional Paper 4


Old Rubbing House pub


AGM 2014 Minutes

Newsletter June 2014




Recent Talks

  • The History of Public Houses

  • The Boats of the Ancient Egyptians


Bench Marks -  what are they?


New State of England 1702



Newsletter September 2014




Peggy Bedwell obituary


Recent Talks

  • Coombe Hill conduit house

  • Memorial Landscapes


    Benchmarks of the Borough


    NESCOT animal husbandry fields


    Church Meadow Ewell 2014


    August members evening

  • Reminiscences of the Six Day War 

  • The Hogsmill River Improvements

  • Gozo 

Nonsuch Park ditch


Development in Epsom


Newsletter November 2014




Recent Talks

  • Epsom Coaches

  • The impact of WWI on the Borough


An odd clay pipe from Ewell


The White Horse, Epsom


The Perspective of a Volunteer coordinator

Newsletter February 2015




Recent Talks

  • War memorials

  • Thames Discovery Project


Notice of AGM and Annual Report







Newsletter April 2015




Recent Talks

  • Archaeology in Dalmatia


Church Meadow excavations 2014: interim report


Bourne Hall Museum shop


AGM report and minutes

Newsletter June 2015




Recent talks

  • Past Crimes – Archaeological and Historical Evidence for Crime and Punishment

  • Ancient Turkey


Mr. Rooth's house in Epsom


NESCOT field development


Proposed visit to Coombe Conduit House, Kingston






Newsletter September 2015




Recent talks

  • Church Meadow Excavations: 2012-2014

  • Worcester Park, Old Malden & North Cheam

  • Demolished Buildings and How They Came to be Lost

  • Update on NESCOT Archaeology

  • Japan – Prehistoric and Later


Dorothy Nail: obituary


David Knights-Whittome,photographer


The Medieval Potters of Cheam; review







Newsletter November 2015




Recent talks

  • 100 years of world class aircraft designed and built in Kingston


  • Rectors and Vicars of  Ewell


  • Isabella Beeton on stage


  • Some badge finds


  • Background on the badges: The Metropolitan Asylum Board badge  


  • Forthcoming Events

Newsletter  February 2016




Recent talks

  • Contemporary Illustrations of Nonsuch          

  •          Palace

  • The Churches of Ravenna


Ewell Court House: A phoenix from the ashes


Background on the badges: A potted history of the RAMC


Pubs, Inns and Taverns of Epsom, Ewell and Cheam



Newsletter April 2016




Recent talks

  • Vanished People of the Wandle


WW1 Centenary Events - 1916



Newsletter June 2016




Recent talks

  • Langley Vale Memorial Wood


  • History of Kingston, “That Famous Place”


History of Epsom Speakers Club


Local finds

Newsletter  September 2016




Recent talks

  • Epsom College and First World War

  • Archaeology of the NESCOT site

  • A walk around Woodcote


  • A Glimpse of Tudor Epsom


  • Local Finds - a feather curler form Epsom



Newsletter November 2016




Recent talks

  • Magna Carta through time

  • A-Z of Life in Wartime


Carting Faggots for Christmas


New at the Museum


Local Finds


Food and Drink in Roman Ewell


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